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A fieldlab for unmanned technology

An unique opportunity to collaborate with top universities, startups and best in class companies.  

About Unmanned Valley


A fieldlab for unmanned technology

The foundation aims to set up, develop and manage a field lab for unmanned systems and sensors. Think of drones but also of many other IoT applications (IoT = Internet of Things).  

Develop, test & evaluate and collaborate at one place, at the former naval marine base in the Netherlands 

In addition to offering the required infrastructure and campus facilities, also investments are being made in innovation, knowledge sharing and valorization.

With the help of design sprints and proof of concept meetings, new projects are started, also in fields where unmanned systems, sensors and new communication techniques are not yet or only partially applied. The core element is bringing parties together and creating new applications together with knowledge partners.

In the coming months this site will be further expanded with information about the progress of UVV and the various projects and knowledge events.

Unmannend Valley has received a grant (co-financing) of 3.1 million euros from the European Fund for Regional Development, Opportunities for the West 2.


Program UVV

Innovation, design sprints and validation

Many companies and institutions struggle with what new (unmanned) technologies can mean for their business operations and value proposition. Unmanned Valley can help you with this. Together with, among others, Yes! Delft, we have tailor-made advice, scan, design and validation products where we can help you to optimally address the opportunities and threats in your organization. Contact Robert van der Poel and / or Werner Haan via this form to explore the possibilities. 

Incubator for Start-up & Scale-up

We regularly organize special start-up and scale-up guidance and challenges around themes. Together with partners such as ESA BIC and Yes! Delft, we offer support in the field of business validation, market research, funding and partnership management.  Soon we will start again with programs in the field of wind energy, safety and IOT applications. Keep an eye on this site for more information! 

Location and facilities

Shared Facilities


Unmanned Valley Valkenburg manages various facilities at Valkenburg in collaboration with the Central Government Real Estate Agency (Rijksvastgoedbedrijf). Varying from an indoor drone center, possibility to fly outside as well as office, meeting and workspaces. In addition, small to large events (1,000 people) can be facilitated in collaboration with Theater Hangaar.

There are also possibilities to make use of the facilities of our knowledge partners such as the Leiden Instrument Makers School (LIS), the Forensic Lab Leiden and other maker spaces. Not only can you use the equipment, but also receive expert guidance and support of student teams.

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